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Launceston's NTCA Ground
A history of Launceston's NTCA ground - Australia's oldest first class cricket venue.

Our price: AUD 29.95
including GST 10.00 % ( AUD 2.72 )
Lightkeeper's Wife (The)
"A woman at the end of her life. A man unable to restart his. A history of guilty secrets and words unspoken."

Our price: AUD 22.99
including GST 10.00 % ( AUD 2.09 )
Living in History
A beautifully photographed journey through selected Tasmanian historic homes.

Our price: AUD 65.00
including GST 10.00 % ( AUD 5.91 )
Living with Jezebel
The story of life lived on Tasmania's remote lighthouses in the days just before automation.

Our price: AUD 45.00
including GST 10.00 % ( AUD 4.09 )
Lomomotive Enginemen of Tasmania
A tribute to the locomotive engine men who crewed Tasmania's railways from its earliest days through to recent times.

Our price: AUD 49.95
including GST 10.00 % ( AUD 4.54 )
Long Con (The)
Three simple cases for private eye, Frank Cousins, finds him very quickly up to his neck in bad guys, bad situations and bad behaviour.

Our price: AUD 22.00
including GST 10.00 % ( AUD 2.00 )
Losing Streak
Award winning author, James Boyce, examines how Tasmania has handed a monopoly on the ownership and operation of the states's poker machines to a single family owned company, signed.

Our price: AUD 22.99
including GST 10.00 % ( AUD 2.09 )
Lost Cave of Corinna (The)
A young boy on holidays discovers the wonders of the Tasmanian bush.

Our price: AUD 15.95
including GST 10.00 % ( AUD 1.45 )