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Dead Wood
The second in the DI Mahoney series, this modern day crime thriller is set in Hobart.

Our price: AUD 28.00
including GST 10.00 % ( AUD 2.55 )
Deep South
A collection of short stories about Tasmania.

Our price: AUD 22.99
including GST 10.00 % ( AUD 2.09 )
This Workshop Practice Series book explains the principles behind dividing for the model engineer.

Our price: AUD 22.50
including GST 10.00 % ( AUD 2.05 )
Doomed Battalion
A revised and updated version of Peter Henning's story of the 2/40th Battalion, its hopeless task in the early days of the Pacific War and the grim tale of the fate of the survivors of combat with the Japanese forces on Timor in 1942.

Our price: AUD 49.95
Market price: AUD 59.95 save 17%
including GST 10.00 % ( AUD 4.54 )
Dr Edward Swarbreck Hall
A biography of a colonial doctor who proved a thorn in the side of the establishment for nearly fifty years.

Our price: AUD 39.95
including GST 10.00 % ( AUD 3.63 )
Drills, Taps and Dies
A guide to drills, taps and dies for the amateur.

Our price: AUD 22.50
including GST 10.00 % ( AUD 2.05 )
Duck Reach and Launceston's Electric Light (Softcover)
The story of Launceston's Duck Reach Power Station, the oldest publicly owned Hydro-electric power station in Australia and a remarkable engineering feat its time.

Our price: AUD 35.00
including GST 10.00 % ( AUD 3.18 )