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Cargo for the Colony - the 1797 wreck of the merchant ship Sydney Cove

Cargo for the Colony - the 1797 wreck of the merchant ship Sydney Cove
Wrecked in 1797 while on a journey from Calcutta to Port Jackson, the Sydney Cove was the first merchant vessel lost after the establishment of the colony of New South Wales.

Since its rediscovery in Tasmanian waters by divers in 1977, the Sydney Cove site has since been the subject of an extensive research project. In this comprehensive account, which includes maps, photographs and rare pictures, maritime archaeologist Michael Nash documents the history and archaeology of one of Australia's most significant shipwrecks.

While the Sydney Cove was a relatively small trading vessel of around 250 tons carrying cargo composed primarily of alcohol, foodstuffs, textiles, luxury goods and livestock, the archaeological and historical significance of the wreck is considerable.

The excavation of the site and the ongoing process of conservation, research and analysis have been assisted by a number of organisations and individuals throughout Australia. Based on research carried out on the Sydney Cove site since its rediscovery in 1977, this publication has been produced in the hope that further nationally supported archaeological projects will continue to reveal neglected aspects of Australia's maritime history.

Published: 2001
Format: hardcover with dustjacket
Pages: 199
Illustrations: mostly black & white, some colour
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Author Michael Nash
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