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Local History


'Me Write Myself'
The free Aboriginal inhabitants of Wybalenna on Flinders Island tell their stories.

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Abels Volume 1 (The)
A revised and updated edition of volume 1 of The Abels, the ultimate guide to Tasmania's mountains above 1100 metres. (Signed Copy)

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Campbell Town ... on Elizabeth
A short history of Campbell Town in Tasmania's midlands district.

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Celebrated Chairs
The story of George Peddle and Harry Hearn who brought the traditional craft of Windsor-chair making to Tasmania.

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Convict Letter Writer, The
The extraordinary story of a woman's journey from convict maid in Campbell Town to prosperity, status and wealth on the other side of the world.

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Convict Lives at Cascades Female Factory
The lives and stories of 33 women who spent time at the Cascades Female Factory.

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Convict Lives at the George Town Female Factory
The stories of women who were sent to the first 'female factory" in the north of Tasmania.

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Duck Reach and Launceston's Electric Light (Softcover)
The story of Launceston's Duck Reach Power Station, the oldest publicly owned Hydro-electric power station in Australia and a remarkable engineering feat its time.

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Fleeting Hopes
A history of Port Davey, that most isolated outpost in Tasmania's rugged south-west.

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Fonthill, A True Story of Love, Luck, Murder and Scandal
The fascinating story of the Tasmanian colonial property, Fonthill, and three families that have dominated its stewardship over almost 175 years.

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