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Eat Wild Tasmanian
An exploration of Tasmania's bountiful wild foods, where to find them, how to grow them and most importantly how to cook with them.

Our price: AUD 55.00
including GST 10.00 % ( AUD 5.00 )
Echoes from the Wild West Coast of Tasmania 1894-1901
A book based on the Tasmanian West Coast stories of Frederick George Copeland who wrote about his experiences around Queenstown, Penghana, Strahan, Zeehan, Corinna and Trial Harbour in the 1890s.

Our price: AUD 27.50
including GST 10.00 % ( AUD 2.50 )
Electric Motors in the Home Workshop
A hobbyists guide to repairing and working with electric motors.

Our price: AUD 22.50
including GST 10.00 % ( AUD 2.05 )
A guide to the process and practice of electroplating for the amateur.

Our price: AUD 22.50
including GST 10.00 % ( AUD 2.05 )
Enigmatic Mr Strange (The)
The story of Frederick Strange a convict transported to Van Diemen's Land who produced an important artistic record of Launceston and surrounds in the 1850s.

Our price: AUD 24.95
including GST 10.00 % ( AUD 2.27 )
Enterprise, Risk and Ruin
How the stage coach played a pivotal role in the development of Van Diemen's Land and Tasmania.

Our price: AUD 40.00
including GST 10.00 % ( AUD 3.64 )
Eroding the Edges of Nature - Mount Field and the Florentine Valley
Mount Field and the Florentine Valley - Tasmania's first National Park and a century of lessons.

Our price: AUD 80.00
including GST 10.00 % ( AUD 7.27 )
Errol Flynn - My Wicked, Wicked Ways - an autobiography
A hero to millions who adored his portrayals of Robin Hood and Fletcher Christian, Tasmanian-born actor Errol Flynn (1909-1959) lived a life that far surpassed any adventure he ever acted out on screen: exotic travels, criminal exploits, passionate love affairs, violent confrontations, scandals, and international fame.

Our price: AUD 18.99
including GST 10.00 % ( AUD 1.73 )
Errol Flynn and the Sword of Fate
The amazing true origins of Hollywood's swashbuckling legend.

Our price: AUD 19.95
including GST 10.00 % ( AUD 1.81 )
Exiled - the Port Arthur convict photographs
Taken shortly before the infamous Tasmanian penal settlement of Port Arthur closed for good, these images record the faces of men sent to Australia on convict ships between 1820s and the 1850s.

Our price: AUD 39.95
including GST 10.00 % ( AUD 3.63 )