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Local History


'Me Write Myself'
The free Aboriginal inhabitants of Wybalenna on Flinders Island tell their stories.

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A Far Microcosm - Building and Architecture in Van Diemen’s Land and Tasmania 1803-1914
A Far Microcosm is a detailed history of Tasmania's architectural heritage up to 1914, its influences and styles, its materials and construction, its forms and building types, and the adaptations made in response to climate and social and economic circumstances.

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A Thematic History of South Hobart - A Favourable Progression
A report that analyses the history and historical geography of South Hobart, identifying historical themes and the evolution of the district's development.

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A Tranquil Haven - A History of Cornelian Bay
A history of Hobart's Cornelian Bay area, published as part of a Council process systematically reviewing the city's heritage.

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After Port Arthur
A decade on, journalist Carol Altmann looks at how the people, the place, the killer, and the whole country has changed since the horrific massacre at one of Australia's most infamous historic landmarks, Port Arthur convict site.

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Among the Willows and Wild Things
A young girl's diary of her experience growing up in Tasmania's Fingal Valley in the 1930's.

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Around Another Corner - photos of Launceston in the 1940s
Volume two from the camera of DG Wherrett capturing Launceston, Tasmania in the 1940s.

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Before They Built the Bridge - an anecdotal history
A light-hearted look at suburban life in Tasmania during the first half of the 20th century.

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Before We Forget - recollections and history of the Riana Cricket Club from 1903 - 2012
An accolade to the wonderful characters and magnificent cricketers who have played a part in shaping the Riana Cricket Club.

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Building on Firm Foundations - the Cooper Family in Tasmania - stonemasons, builders and architects
Building on Firm Foundations - a history of the Cooper family in Tasmania - stonemasons, builders and architects.

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