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A selection of books of particular interest to collectors, enthusiasts and hobbyists.


Australia's Best Trout Flies Revisited
Take a look at the trout flies that have served Australia's best fly fishers over the past twenty years.

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Lure of the Thylacine
True stories and legendary tales of the Tasmanian Tiger from renowned thylacine devotee, Col Bailey.

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The Savigny Bat 1923 - 2015
A celebration of cricket at the Launceston Church Grammar School.

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Skyline No.1 Facsimile Edition
A facsimile of the first edition of "Skyline" the Launceston Walking Club's magazine to mark the club's 70th anniversary.

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The Media and the Massacre
Explores the relationship between journalists who reported on the Port Arthur massacre and their subjects over the twenty years since it took place.

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