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A Lucky Ship - The Nine Lives of the Australian Coaster 'Tambar' 1912-1960
The extraordinary story of Tambar, an ordinary little ship that had a long and eventful life.

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All or Nothing - Celebrating 150+ years of the Port Esperance Regatta
This book was commissioned by the Esperance Discovery Centre at Dover District High School, and the Port Esperance Sailing Club to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Port Esperance Regatta in Tasmania in 2011.

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Blood, Sweat & the Sea - the life of John Muir
A Tasmanian maritime biography of John Muir, who built the business of Muir Engineering, designing and manufacturing some of the world's best anchoring and mooring systems.

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Cargo for the Colony - the 1797 wreck of the merchant ship Sydney Cove
Wrecked in 1797 while on a journey from Calcutta to Port Jackson, the Sydney Cove was the first merchant vessel lost in Australian waters after the establishment of the colony of New South Wales.

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David Howie - Devil or Saint? A biography
A biography of David Howie, a man who became a household name in Australia in 1845 as a result of his involvement in the rescue of survivors of the shipwreck of the Cataraqui on King Island - Australia's worst sea tragedy on record.

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Guardians of the Port
A history of the colonial pilots of the Port of Hobart from the earliest days of maritime trade on the Derwent.

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History of the Iron Pot - Derwent Light
A comprehensive history of the Iron Pot - Australia's oldest lighthouse tower, Derwent Lighthouse - and a study of life in the colony of Van Diemen's Land and of its transition to the modern state of Tasmania.

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Industrious, Innovative, Altruistic
A tribute to the skills and craftsmanship of Battery Point's 20th century boat building industry.

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Living with Jezebel
The story of life lived on Tasmania's remote lighthouses in the days just before automation.

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Old Sea Dogs of Tasmania Book 2
More portraits, stories and seascapes from the southern seas around Tasmania.

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