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Guardians of the Port
A history of the colonial pilots of the Port of Hobart from the earliest days of maritime trade on the Derwent.

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Old Sea Dogs
A photographic tribute to the seafarers of Tasmania and the seas in which they voyage.

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Old Sea Dogs of Tasmania Book 2
More portraits, stories and seascapes from the southern seas around Tasmania.

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The story of Lady Pam, the traditional fishing boat with a remarkable maritime history.

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Ships of Hobart Harbour
A comprehensive history of the port of Hobart and ships that have visited the port.

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Tassie's Whale Boys
The story of more than one hundred and twenty mostly Tasmanian men who signed up with Norwegian whaling ships in the 1920's for "the adventure of their lifetime" hunting the great mammals in Antarctic waters.

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Wrecked on Bruny Island
The story of the huge storm of 1909 that wrecked three of Tasmania's finest vessels.

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